Effects of Pesh

Pesh is an addictive narcotic that has a mild analgesic effect. Anyone ingesting a dose of raw pesh takes a –2 penalty to Dexterity and Wisdom for one day. Pesh smokers enter a pleasant, dreamy state of bliss in which pain seems less severe but pleasant feelings are amplified. Multiple doses within a 24-hour period do not inflict additional ability penalties but may intensify the narcotic effects, depending on the individual. In addition, anyone ingesting a dose of raw pesh receives 10 temporary hit points, which last for 1 hour, and gains a +1 morale bonus to saves versus fear effects for one day. Multiple doses within a 24-hour period do not bestow additional hit points or renew the saving throw bonus.

Refined pesh has the same effects as raw pesh, but the ability penalties increase to –4, and one dose grants 15 temporary hit points and a +2 morale bonus to saves versus fear. The narcotic effects are also more pronounced.

Pesh whey has the same effects as raw pesh, except no Dexterity penalty, no bonus against fear, and only 1 temporary hit point for 1 hour.


Pesh is an addictive substance (Fort DC 10 to avoid addiction, 5 days satiation, 1d4 Dex and 1d4 Wisdom withdrawals). Many individuals in Katapesh, especially those native to the region, are able to enjoy pesh recreationally without risking dangerous addiction.

While the drug’s effects are at first pleasant and innocuous, repeated pesh use can create a dependence that is both physical and psychological, leaving the user with a desperate craving for more. An individual who uses pesh may need to make a Will save at increasing difficulties until he is unable to resist the call of pesh; he may also find himself growing immune to pesh whey and raw pesh’s effects and may have to seek out the more expensive refined pesh. Pesh addiction causes otherwise stable individuals to lose fortunes, destroy their families, and in many cases, lose their lives.


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