Katapesh! Land of adventure, excitement, and addiction.

The present blurs into the past as ancient ruins and weathered monoliths, once hidden, come to light. Scouring sandstorms whip away the dunes to reveal the planed sides of pyramids. Caravans gone astray on the savannah find the bones of old settlements, their inhabitants gone but their relics left behind. The tokens and trinkets of bygone Katapesh all make their way to the great city of the same name, to find a place among the stalls and shops of the city of trade. There, the battered gold necklace that once hung around the neck of an Osirian pharaoh sits in a tangle next to smooth blocks of pesh, while one of the enigmatic Pactmasters glides by, his madness-inducing visage concealed behind a bizarre mask.

Katapesh may be many things: hostile, brutal, dishonest, opportunistic, uncivilized, pious—even beautiful. But it is never dull.

Welcome to the bazaar of the bizarre, stranger.

The Country

The City




The Rainy Season

Braving the Desert

Badawi: Desert Natives


Legacy of Fire rbash