Twilight Gate


The outer walls that ring the southern portion of Twilight Gate date back to 3725 AR when the Pactmasters reshaped Katapesh to their own vision. However, the walls that separate it from the Inner City are over 2,000 years old and bear sculptures and faded frescoes that hint at their antiquity. During the era of the Golden City, this portion of the city was actually a brick and adobe shantytown built up around the southern walls. When Nimhar began the arduous task of digging the city out from the sands that had buried most of it, this was the first area she unearthed. When others attracted by the excavation began arriving, Twilight Gate was quickly repopulated. Initially the buildings that were too damaged were destroyed to make way for new structures, but Nimhar ordered a stop to this in order to preserve them. Today Twilight Gate is a mixture of ancient and modern architecture and the site of many ruins that have become tourist attractions.

Map Locations

G. Jackal Gate

H. Twilight Gate

Q. Cherub Bridge

R. River Gate Span

S. Pathfinder Bridge

36. Pathfinder Society Lodge: Nestled among cyclopean ruins and other ancient marvels from more than 20 centuries ago, this elegant three-tiered building is the local base of operations for the world-spanning Pathfinder Society. It also serves double duty as headquarters for Katapesh’s local Explorers’ Guild (mainly due to city ordinances that require Pathfinder Society members to also be members of a guild). Venture-Captain Aurora Steelbloom oversees the operations of several teams of Pathfinders that operate out of and within the city of Katapesh.

37. Red Pyramid: This ancient three-sided pyramid dates back to the Golden City era. It is made of red bricks and once housed the remains of a noble-born wizard. The pyramid was plundered of its treasures long ago—possibly during the period in which the city still lay buried under the desert sands prior to Nimhar’s efforts at reclaiming it. The pyramid is now a busy tourist attraction. For 1sp, curious sightseers are escorted through the pyramid, where they are shown some of the traps sprung by the tomb raiders that plundered its treasures, skeletons of those that failed, numerous false burial chambers, and the real one.

38. The Grand Alchemist’s Tower: This soaring crenellated tower is home to Katapesh’s most accomplished alchemist and the guildmaster of the Order of Alchemists and Potion Makers.

39. Ruined Monastery: When gnoll bandit lords controlled the city, most of them paid homage to Lamashtu, Mother of Monsters. This winding stone building was built as a temple of worship to her. It bears numerous three-eyed jackal engravings and other pictographs depicting sacrifices made to her. Though it now stands empty and in disrepair, it draws numerous visitors who enjoy the creepy atmosphere of the demon-goddess’s place of power. It is rumored that the temple has not been completely abandoned—that there are still those that worship Lamashtu who come here to pay homage on the darkest nights of the year. Guides from the Guild of Historians escort groups through the ruins each hour from midmorning to dusk for a fee of 1sp.

40. Sisters of the Quill: This two-story building is the home and workplace for over a dozen cloistered women who have dedicated themselves to the preservation of the written word. They spend their days surrounded by ink pots, quill pens, and stacks of parchment, books, and scrolls as they translate writings into different languages or reproduce written documents for the organization’s various clients. Sister Masequa runs the business side of things and oversees the work performed by the rest of the sisters. The usual fee for using their services is 3sp per day or portion thereof.

41. Gladiators’ Guildhall: This massive structure is made of a framework of bones and stretched hides. Inside, numerous chambers surround an arena and multiple fighting pits. Members of the Gladiators’ Guild train here each day to perfect their art and master new and exotic weaponry and armor. Each week, the guild hosts public pit fights.


Twilight Gate

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