The Sprawl


Of the three communities outside the city walls, the Sprawl probably has the least to interest visitors looking for f lash and exoticism. The Sprawl is mainly a residential area where local laborers have settled outside of the bustle and chaos prevalent beyond the city walls. Fishermen, carpenters, masons, chandlers, brick layers, and thatchers make up the majority of the populace here, and their wares may be purchased here at the standard rate.

Map locations

H. Twilight Gate

T. Shady Palm Span

U. Twilight Gate Bridge

V. Toiler’s Bridge

W. The Grand Arch

48. Jerg’s Repair Shop: This shop sits along the eastern bank of the River Scorpius south of the Twilight Gate. A short pier juts out into the river to accommodate the numerous watercraft that stop by Jerg’s Repair Shop for their repair needs. The shopfront bears a large sign over its doors depicting a pair of crossed hammers. Jerg Alshelner runs a brisk business here performing minor repairs (and sometimes major ones) for anyone who needs it.

49. River Inn: The River Inn stands prominently among the lesser buildings of the Sprawl. When its first owner built it in 3748 AR, he thought this community would attract a higher caste of locals and visitors, so he constructed his inn to fit in with the neighbors and businesses he thought he would have. The three-story inn is made of river stones and mortar with stout timber beams. Lanterns flanking its wide front doors are lit by magical flames and the interior of inn was made to accommodate nobles and rich merchants. Ironically, the community the designer anticipated never arrived, and the inn has changed ownership several times since its construction. Though it has seen better days, the River Inn is still a magnificent building and has some of the best rooms in the city for a great deal less than its competitors. Current owner Marvius Anquen does an admirable job of keeping the place in good condition.


The Sprawl

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