The Docks


Over a dozen long, maze-like piers jut out from Katapesh’s sandy eastern shore, each of them capable of holding numerous seagoing vessels. Facing the Inner Sea, warehouses, stores, and a few sizeable inns cater to the city’s bustling sea trade. Rising from the shoreline, a massive copper statue of a horned giant stares menacingly out to sea as if to ward away enemies. The statue’s features are worn and covered with years of droppings from the seagulls that use it as their aerie. Huge crenelated towers flank the Docks, the city walls spreading out from them in either direction to surround the city. The Zephyr Guard maintains squads of sentries atop the towers with bored dutifulness; invasion from the sea is low on their list of threats, though the possibility keeps them at their posts.

Map locations

B. Eagle Gate

E. Day Gate

F. Night Gate

7. Annexa Palanthea’s Fishy Menagerie: For an admission fee of 1sp, visitors to Annesa Palanthea’s Fishy Menagerie are treated to displays of hundreds of rare and exotic creatures of the seas, lakes, and ponds of Golarion. Some are mounted on the walls, others are displayed in amber blocks, and many live specimens are kept in large aquariums. Annexa is known to pay large sums of gold for rare finds to add to her collection.

8. Dockside Giant: This massive copper statue is nearly 40 feet tall and depicts a horned, bearded man glaring menacingly out to sea as if to ward away evil. He holds a large trident in one hand while his other is balled into a fist and rests on his hip. It is said that the statue is an effigy of a long-forgotten sea god, or perhaps a celebrated hero. The statue dates back to before the Year of Scouring Winds, when much of the city’s history is vague and shrouded in mystery. Seagulls have taken to roosting atop its head, shoulders, and the many other nooks and crannies along its surface. Weather and seagull droppings have not been kind to the Dockside Giant. The folk of Katapesh fight an ongoing battle to keep it clean, as it represents good luck and safety at sea for them, but thus far the weather and birds are winning.

9. Jexler & Young Salvage Company and Deep Sea Exploration and Retrieval: One of numerous wareshouses clustered along the bustling docks, this building bears the names of Drag Jexler and Wilbur Young painted in huge red letters along the face of the building. The two adventuring sailors have settled her in Katapesh. These days they limit their adventures to salvage operations and escorting tourists on “treasure hunts” below the waves. Jexler and Young also sell both magical and mundane equipment useful for aquatic adventuring.

10. Trillia’s Bathhouse: For many a traveler, this tall, narrow building with its copper tub sign over its doors is a welcome sight after months at sea or trekking across the desert. Trillia maintains over a dozen private bathing chambers where a dirty traveler can enjoy a hot relaxing bath with scented oils and aromatic soap. Trillia charges 1sp for a 15-minute bath. Specific sops, scented water, and other amenities may be obtained at an extra fee.


The Docks

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