The Daystalls


For travelers making the long overland trek from Solku to the capital city, this shantytown of vendor stalls, tents, and kiosks is their first sight of the grand city. Many of the folk that live and work in the Daystalls have been here for at least two generations. Others have abandoned this area in favor of setting up shop in the much busier and highly lucrative Lower City Bazaar. The Daystalls are merely a sampling, a hint of what visitors will find within the much larger bazaar. However, for those eager to spend their gold, the Daystalls can seem quite attractive and the goods and services very tempting.

Map locations

J. Serpent Gate

K. Broke Plank Bridge

L. White Bridge

44. Datorro’s Brewery: Alchemist-turned-brewer Ano Datorro runs a brisk business here selling casks, bottles, skins, and mug samplings of his various ales from this extravagant stall. His workspace is f illed with a huge, elaborate combination still and alchemist’s lab. It puffs, smokes, and hums with activity all day long, churning out several varieties of bitter yet tasty ales every day.

45. Cheeho the Talking Dog: This small stall is the daily performing venue for Cheeho, a small black dog with a white spot around his left eye, and is not just a trick to con tourists—the dog can actually talk. Cheeho and his tall, muscle-bound companion Torlac used to be adventurers. Cheeho was at one time human, but when he stole a pendant off a mummified body at an ancient gnoll burial site, Cheeho was cursed to live the rest of his days as a dog.

46. Alseen’s Camels: This place breeds and sells Katapeshi camels. They are some of the best mounts and pack animals one can f ind for this region of Golarion. Perfectly suited for long treks and expeditions out into the desert, they are also calm and docile, making them perfect for even the most unskilled rider. The owner, Alhamad Alseen, is a veteran traveler and explorer of the kingdom of Katapesh. He settled here in the Daystalls only recently to breed and sell his camels. A few of his camels are trained for battle.

47. The Smoke Lady: This black-and-purple-striped tent sits just to the north of the road. A child sits atop a stool near the closed tent f lap crying out invitations to visit the legendary Smoke Lady for divinations and future readings. A reading from the Smoke Lady usually costs 1 gp. Locals enjoy taking visiting friends there for the novelty of it and recommend her tent in the Daystalls to anyone asking for fun places to visit.


The Daystalls

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