Inner City


Surrounded by ancient sandstone walls covered in faded, time-worn carvings and curious designs, the Inner City is the oldest of Katapesh’s districts. The Inner City is also home to the walled palace of the Pactmasters, its soaring towers easily seen from anywhere in the city. Many ancient marvels dating back to the city’s earliest existence 2000 years ago rival each other in their size, grandeur, and mystique. From the Grand Coliseum, the Marble Sphinx, and the Golden Oasis to the Glass Pyramids and the Screaming Obelisk, all of these and more can be found in the Inner City.

Map Locations

C. Palace Gate

D. Beggar’s Gate

E. Day Gate

F. Night Gate

J. Serpent Gate

L. White Bridge

M. Two Penny Bridge

N. Oasis Bridge

O. Temple Bridge

P. Warrior’s Bridge

Q. Cherub Bridge

11. Jerikal’s Ales: This popular cantina services a plethora of ales, beers, and wines. Its owner, Jerikal Ashworth, is a retired adventuring priest of Shelyn now turned brewmaster. He lovingly crafts each batch of his signature beverages like an artist painting a masterpiece. The common room reflects Jerikal’s Shelyn worship with tablecloths of blue and red, attractive statues, bright flowers, and minstrels to serenade his patrons while they relax with a tall mug of their favorite spirits. Aside from alcoholic beverages, Jerikal also brews specialty concoctions with curative qualities he’s dubbed “Priest in a Bottle”. They combine the drinking pleasure of a bottle of spirits with the restorative quality of a healing spell.

Below is a list of Jerikal’s most popular drinks and their prices. This list is not comprehensive.

Drink Price Flavor Potency
Blood Ale 4cp salty and bitter Mild
Cinnamon Stout 4cp spicy Mild
Fish Oil Whiskey 1sp bitter and oily Strong
Goblin Turpentine 4cp sour with bitter aftertaste Strong
Hair of the Dog 5cp fizzy Mild
Jerikal’s Private Reserve 1sp sweet and mildly spicy Mild
Orange Peel Ale 5cp citric Moderate
Morning Constitutional 4cp fruity Mild
Pesh Brandy 2sp sweet and warm Strong
Purple Dragon Spit 1sp bitter Strong
Rabid Squirrel 8cp foamy and bitter Moderate
Thileu Lager 15cp extremely spicy and often painful Moderate
Wolfberry Wine 1sp sweet and bitter Moderate
Priest in a Bottle
Drink Price Curative Properties Doses
Acolyte Ale 250gp Potion of Cure Light Wounds 5 doses
Little Bishop 900gp Potion of Remove Paralysis 3 doses
Blue Priest 1,500gp Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds 5 doses
Night Light Stout 250gp Potion of Remove Fear 5 doses
Red Cardinal Wine 3,750gp Potion of Cure Serious Wounds 5 doses
Shelyn’s Nectar 2,250gp Potion of Remove Curse 3 doses

12. College of Dimensional Studies: This domed building serves as an institution for arcane practitioners and students of the cosmos, alternate dimensions, and interdimensional travel. A massive telescope, which students use to study the stars at night, juts through an opening in the dome. The observatory is also open to the public on certain nights for a fee of 1sp per person.

13. Al’Faran’s Steel Restaurant: This curious shop has the look and feel of a small restaurant. Visitors are seated at a cloth-covered table, served their choice of chilled beverages, appetizers, and a light meal, and given a “menu” of Master Weaponsmith Diyab Al’Faran’s list of available weapons. Each of his creations is custom designed specifically for the individual buyer.

14. Glass Pyramids: These two identical pyramids are actually made of transparent metal plates. They house the mortal remains of two powerful dwarven wizards that arrived in the Golden City in 2219AR in search of a powerful magic essence. No other record exists about the two mages, and virtually nothing is known about them other than their names – Gezbria and Tralvar. Tomb raiders and archaeologists have been trying to study the contents of each pyramid for years, and a few of them have disappeared mysteriously during their attempts. Rumor is that they learned the secret for gaining entrance, but never came out again. Like so many of the ancient landmarks of the Inner City, the Glass Pyramids regularly draw scholars and adventurers hoping to unravel their secrets.

15. Golden Oasis: After the Year of the Scouring Winds ripped through the Golden City, this single oasis – once one of several dozen just like it – was all that remained to attest to the lush beauty that once dominated this land. Fed by the River Scorpious that flows from the west and continues onward to the south, tall date palms surround a large pond of clear water, with dozens more clustered to the east. Many shops, homes, and inns flank the pool in the shade of the palm trees. Far many travelers, it is their first sight as they enter through the western gate beyond the Daystalls. Legends say that those with true purpose of heart who sit near the pool in the shade of the palms may gain inspiration from the gods if they are patient and steadfast. Many pilgrims occupy spots around the pool, where they sometimes wait for days on end for some kind of personal sign from the heavens.

16. The Grand Coliseum: Some things never change throughout mankind’s history. The need for entertainment has remained constant from the early years of the Golden City to modern-day Katapesh. This enormous stone coliseum is filled with rows of tiered benches easily capable of seating some 10,000 spectators. Various games, parades, and gladiatorial matches take place on the sandy arena floor 10 feet below the lowest tier of benches. Though bloody gladiator matches pitting free men and slaves alike against one another are always popular, it is a sport called ruk that has become the greatest attraction to the Grand Coliseum in recent years. In ruk, two teams of 10 athletes contend with each other to toss a sand-filled leather ball the size of a man’s head through the other team’s hoop at the opposite end of the arena, striking a brass gong behind it.

17. Marble Sphinx: This enormous statue rises to a height of 120 feet. It depicts a sitting creature with the body of a lioness and the head of a long-haired female human with sharp tusks jutting up from the corners of her mouth. Contrary to its name, the Marble Sphinx is not made of marble, but of sandstone. When the first settlers arrived to found what later became known as the Golden City, and eventually modern-day Katapesh, they discovered the titanic statue of a sphinx sitting there as if guarding the valley.

18. Nexian Embassy: Katapesh and Nex have long maintained good relations with each other. The two nations share many of the same views and business models, making them natural allies. Nex maintains an embassy here where its current ambassador, Narlaguut Haraxis, resides with his entourage of slaves and advisors. The walled estate is modeled after the architectural designs common in Quantium – domed buildings topped by narrow spires, each capped by a Nexian flag, surround a central courtyard where shrines to the gods of Nex form a central ring.

19. Sand Dragon Inn: This sprawling inn sits along the soutern side of the Golden Oasis. A long serpentine dragon made of brass perches above the inn’s main entrance. Their food is reasonably priced, if a bit heavy on the curry.

20. The Screaming Obelisk: This massive spire is made entirely of smooth carnelian and rises to a staggering height of 380 feet. Numerals engraved along its base indicate times, days, and years. Other symbols along its surface have attracted astronomers, linguists, and engineers to study it. Despite extensive research, none have yet come to any reliable conclusion as to the meaning of the more archaic symbols. Its ominous name is due to the numerous narrow holes piercing its surface near its apex. These create a series of harmonic whistling sounds in high winds, which only adds to the mystery of the obelisk’s purpose. Aside from the mysterious meaning of the indecipherable symbols, the Screaming Obelisk acts as a time keeper similar to a sundial. Three bell towers flank the obelisk, forming a triangle around it – the Morning Tower, the Day Tower, and the Night Tower. Timekeepers stationed at the bell towers maintain watchful vigil of the obelisk, ringing out each hour from the appropriate tower (though more quietly at night).

21. Zandrek’s Pesh Palace: Pesh parlors are a dime a dozen in Katapesh. However, Zandrek’s stands out as the most popular den of iniquity in a city full of sin and vice. This round, domed building is surrounded by serpentine colonnades of bronze. Its massive copper door is an oval, sculpted face of a laughing man. It is the only door in the building, as all the other thresholds within are barred by silk and bead curtains. Multiple private chambers line the first ring of the building’s interior. A second ring is filled with statuary, cushions, couches, and wandering minstrels and dancing girls. The center of the building is a courthouse filled with flowering platns, marble flagstones, and a central pool full of colorful fish.


Inner City

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