Dog Town


Easily the dirtiest, most rundown area of Katapesh, Dog Town is home to many of the city’s indigent citizens, ne’er-do-wells, and small-time business owners. It is also home to the largest portion of Katapesh’s gnoll population, giving it its name. Many transient workers such as prospectors, miners, herbalists, and drug traff ickers f ind their way to Dog Town as well, taking up residence in the low-income housing available there for as low as 1sp per week.

Map Locations

A. Dawn Gate

42. The Rapid Dog: This tall, ramshackle tavern sits amidst a jumble of equally decrepit warehouses and mining off ices east of the road through the Dawn Gate. It is owned and operated by an old gnoll named Moss Pelt who caters to gnoll visitors and locals. A few members of other races who carry on business relations with some of the Rabid Dog’s regulars visit the tavern on occasion as well, though they usually limit their indulgences to what’s on tap since the food served there is distinctly “gnollish” in nature.

43. Charred Meats: This butcher shop sits among the other warehouses clustered in the eastern portion of Dog Town. Chargut, the gnoll who runs this unpleasant-smelling business, makes chum and meat slurry from cast-off meat portions bought from the city’s butchers. She, in turn, sells her products to fishermen, farmers, and anyone desperate or indifferent enough to eat them.


Dog Town

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