Dawn Gate


Like the Lower City, this portion of Katapesh grew up around the original city walls during the Oasis Age when the city was flooded with newcomers attracted to the city. Dawn Gate is home to many of Katapesh’s wealthy business owners as well as numerous upper-middle-class residents.

Map Locations

A. Dawn Gate

B. Eagle Gate

1. The Immaculate Repository: As Abadar is the god of merchants and commerce, his temple is easily the most visible faith of Katapesh. Ornate keys hang from the walls of many merchant stalls and tents in homage to the Master of the First Vault. Almost every establishment holds a tithe box on its counter, and many more stand scattered throughout the city – some manned, other nailed to walls or set atop short posts. At the end of transactions, customer generally drop their change into these tithe boxes, and merchants often deposit handfuls of coins into boxes on their way to business deals. Master of the Vault Jalal Abdul-Abadar, a Garundi priest, oversees the temple. For a fee, the clergy notarize documents, prepare business contracts, and certify scales.

The following services are available from clerics of Abadar for a set fee.

Service Fee
Simple Contract 5gp
Complex Contract 10gp
Notarization of documents 1gp
Identify Spell 125gp
Document a magic item’s power 10gp
Business License 5gp
Scale Certification 10gp

2. The Gilded Shell: An enormous tortoise-shaped structure covered in gleaming metal plates is the workplace for an accomplished armorer by the name of Malthus Feyhew. This team of apprentices and journeymen are skilled at working all manner of materials into beautiful and highly protective suits of armor under his expert guidance. All of Malthus’s suits of armor are of masterwork quality. He is also interested in working new materials into serviceable armor. He has a standing offer to discount any suit of armor by 50% if his clients bring him new and exotic material for which to make it.

Some of the exotic armor that he has in stock is:

Armor Price Equivalency
Giant scorpion shell 250gp Masterwork Breastplate
Blink Dog hide 25gp Masterwork Leather
Gorgon hide 350gp Masterwork Banded Mail
Gray Render hide 50gp Masterwork Hide
Naga scale 200gp Masterwork Chain Shirt
Bone mail 75gp Masterwork Scale Mail
Wood lamellar 250gp Masterwork Splint Mail
Wyvern hide 250gp Masterwork Chainmail
Turtle shell 2,000gp Masterwork half-plate

3. Truther & Trathis Mining and Excavation Company: This humble building is nothing more than a dusty office from which two grizzled old dwarves – Gravlet Truther and Kipp Trathis – operate in industrious mining and excavation enterprise. Shelves behind the front counter are filled with scores of tattered parchment scrolls. The company has recently begun work on reopening the Zolurket Mines in spite of – or perhaps because of – the rumors of undead and other vaguely described horrors lurking there.

4. Zulran’s Equines: This sprawling horse ranch is the property of An’Aldane Zulran, the current guildmaster of the Imperial Union of Breeders. He breeds some of the finest horses and camels in all of Katapesh. An’Aldane’s horses are bred for speed. However, potential buyers should be aware that An’Aldane is a legendary haggler. It is said that he once haggled with a customer all morning, stopped to treat the man for lunch, resumed haggling, and didn’t reach an agreement until early in the evening. In addition to selling equines, An’Aldane runs one of the finest riding schools in the world.

5. The Golden Scarab: This grand building has Alabaster walls covered in sparkling seashells and gold-painted scarabs crawling across its surface set it distinctively apart from its neighbors. The Golden Scarab is among the most famous and popular gambling halls in Katapesh. Its proprietor, Krebble-Jeggle, a male goblin, obsessively adds new games to the Golden Scarab as fast as he can discover them. Card games, dice games, roulette tables, dart boards, and other games fill the Main Hall. More exotic and disreputable games are run upstairs in the Upper Hall. The infamous Basement is home to the most bloody and violent games in all of Golarion. If someone has thought of it, chances are it has a place at the Golden Scarab.

6. The Smoking Ruin: This area was once the site of many residences and a few businesses. No one really knows how or why, but one night a rift to the Elemental Plane of Fire opened atop one of the shops and a group of elemental came through. The creatures laid waste to all of the surrounding buildings and residents before they were finally sent back to their home plane. Local witnesses called the event the Dawn Gate Apocalypse and the name has stuck. Since the tragedy, no one has made any attempt to rebuild or clear the wreckage and the area has become known as the Smoking Ruin. Locals give the area a wide berth.


Dawn Gate

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