Castle Clarion


Castle Clarion was built just over a century ago by retired explorer Oslynn Clarion. At the bottom of a switchback trail wending down the cliff upon which the castle perches, a private series of docks serves the Clarion family’s shipping needs and swells with nearly a dozen black-sailed vessels that make up the Clarion fleet.

The castle is made up of slender towers rising to staggering heights and connected by covered flyway bridges. The sparkling porphyry walls and red slate roofs of Castle Clarion make it an easy landmark to spot from land or sea.

Lord Clarion is a loyal subject to the government of Katapesh and dutifully adheres to all of the city’s laws and ordinances. He is also one of the city’s greatest suppliers of slaves. His black-sailed ships strike fear in many coastal towns and villages along the Inner Sea as their raiding missions gather new “crops” for the slave markets of Katapesh.

Map locations

50. Cliffside Tavern: Perched at the edge of the cliffs overlooking the Inner Sea, the Cliffside Tavern is a popular place for locals looking for a quiet place to eat and enjoy a drink with a pleasing view of the sea. It is also a romantic spot for couples and lovers, who usually rendezvous here in the evening and late at night.

51. Castle Clarion: For all its elegance, beauty, and lack of fortifications, Castle Clarion is well defended against Lord Clarion’s many enemies, most notably agents or affiliates of the Gray Corsairs. Magical and mundane traps riddle the castle, and his servants include accomplished warriors, monks, and mages. Lord Clarion’s firm ties with the Pactmasters mean he has several aluum that guard his demesne from interference, trespass, and assassins.


Castle Clarion

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