The Edge of Eternity


The party has activated The Scroll of Kakishon and proved, without a doubt, that it is the genuine article. Much to their sorrow. Apparently they have released Jhavhul and the remainder of his army into the world and they are now trapped in the realm of Kakishon. Now the group needs to figure out how to escape from the paradise that is Kakishon.

Kakishon. A legendary world said to be a paradise, yet none living today can truthfully point to its location on any map, nor can they attest to having visited its mystic shores. Indeed, Kakishon appears only on one map in all the world, and this map contains much more than a route.

This is the Scroll of Kakishon, and it is the doorway to this fabled land; he who carries the scroll carries all of Kakishon. Created ages ago by the wizard-king Nex at the height of his powers, Kakishon was to be his masterwork, his vacation palace, his showplace to allies, and even his final resting place. Yet war with Geb turned Nex’s attentions away, and in time, the Scroll of Kakishon was lost.

Until now.

The Edge of Eternity

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