Staff of Sarenrae

Bronzewood staff with silver and gold symbols topped with a crystal globe


Staff of Sarenrae

Aura Moderate Evocation CL 11th
Slot None Weight 5 lbs


Crafted from bronzewood with silver and gold symbols of Sarenrae along it’s length. The top of the staff has a crystal globe that changes colors from a bright red to a dull yellow that correspond to the position of the sun, with the brightest red being noon and the dullest yellow being midnight. The crystal can emit light, as the Light spell (no charges). When glowing, the crystal globe flickers like flame and appears like a miniature sun. The staff’s wielder can activate or deactivate the light as a swift action. The staff allows use of the following spells:

  • Burning Hands (1 charge)
  • Scorching Ray (1 charge)
  • Fireball (2 charges)
  • Lightning Bolt (2 charges)
  • Wall of Fire (3 charges) 10th level
  • Chain Lightning (3 charges) 12th level

Special Staff rules

This staff has 10 plus the wielders primary casting modifier in charges.

Staff of Sarenrae

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