Scroll of Kakishon

Scroll with a single, immense rune on it's face


Scroll of Kakishon

Aura Overwhelming Conjuration; CL 23rd
Slot none; Price none; Weight 3lbs


When inactive, the Scroll of Kakishon looks like nothing more than tattered parchment bearing a single, immense rune. At certain times (when viewed as a reflection in a mirror by a character that can cast arcane spells, by someone just woken from a deep sleep, or under the light of the rising or setting sun), the rune seems to waver and transform into a map of a region whose coastlines closely match the rune. Comprehend languages causes the rune to resolve into a map of the island archipelago for the duration of the spell, and observing the map through any remote viewing spell such as clairaudience/clairvoyance or scrying reveals the actual contents as well.

Yet all of this simply allows the user to examine the map of Kakishon itself, a map that is frustratingly vague and, in places, apparently unfinished. Worse, exact spellings of locations tend to appear differently depending on who examines the map, and any attempt to copy the map into another medium frustratingly results in maps that bear little to no resemblance to the source material.

The scroll itself resists all forms of damage; despite its tattered appearance, any attempt to burn, fold, tear, cut, or otherwise damage the map results in only fleeting disfigurement before the map repairs itself. If impaled on a spike, the map somehow finds its way off the spike in the blink of an eye; if torn, the map appears whole as soon as the tear is completed.

These qualities and traits are more than enough to intrigue and vex most scholars, but in truth, these are merely side effects and idle curiosities. The primary function of the Scroll of Kakishon is as an entrance to the demiplane of Kakishon itself, a closed realm of existence that was invented ages ago by the wizardking Nex to serve as a private “vacation realm.” Kakishon can only currently be reached via the Scroll of Kakishon, and the method of activating the scroll is hidden.



Scroll of Kakishon

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