Pactmaster's Favor

metal bolt decorated with a strange knob made of unusual metal


Pactmaster’s Favor

Aura faint enchantment (compulsion); CL 10th
Slot helm; Price 20,000 gp; Weight


This metal bolt is decorated with a strange knob made of unusual metal. When worn, you are protected at all times by a calm emotions spell, rendering you immune to fear and all morale effects. You gain a +4 resistance bonus to mind-affecting effects. You cannot willingly take actions that you know would interfere with the plans or interests of the Pactmasters of Katapesh; if forced to do so, you take a -2 penalty to all your ability scores for 24 hours (this penalty is cumulative).
In order for this item to function, it must be surgically inserted into your skull (DC 20 Heal check, 1 hour); insertion deals you 1d4 points of Intelligence damage. Removal has the same requirements and side effects as insertion.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, calm emotions, resistance; Cost 10,000 gp


Pactmaster's Favor

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