Brazen Tower


Brazen Tower

Aura Overwhelming Transmutation; CL 20th
Slot none; Price none; Weight 1lb (when shrunk)


The Brazen Tower may be commanded to shrink or grow, similar to an Instant Fortress, except when grown it forms a 100’ tall brass tower, flanked by two 40’ tall side towers. The main tower is 50’ across and each side tower is 30’ across. The whole is 130’ wide, from tower to tower. The ceilings are 20’ high in the main tower and 10’ high in the flanking towers. Most rooms are lit with braziers. All floors, ceilings, and walls (interior and exterior) are composed of magically treated brass (Hardness 20, hp 180 per 5-foot square). Interior doors are also of magically treated brass (Hardness 20, hp 120, Break DC 48). All doors are lockable and when locked also gain the effects of an Arcane Lock spell (CL 20th). If any door is breached, the owner is notified via a mental Alarm effect (CL 20th). It also has a cellar that is 20’ high.

The Brazen Tower is protected by a constant mage’s private sanctum effect, blocking any scrying attempts as well as normal vision from the outside. In addition, the interior of the Brazen Tower is protected by a constant dimensional lock effect—this hampers teleportation effects and ethereal travel within the tower as per the spell, but the blocking effect is not complete. A spellcaster who makes a successful DC 25 Caster Level check can cast such a spell normally within the Brazen Tower. All outside openings in the tower, except the one door at ground level have permanent Walls of Force (CL 20th) covering the entire opening. The mental Alarm effect from the doors also works on the Walls of Force, should they be breached. The Towers walls on the top floor are transparent, but only from the inside, providing a one-way view of the outside of the Tower.



Brazen Tower

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