Zephyr Guard

Katapesh's elite fighting force


Katapesh’s elite fighting force is made up of a diverse mix of races from many backgrounds and cultures. What unifies them is their combat expertise and their discipline. Most of them are former gladiators, mercenaries, and soldiers from other kingdoms attracted to Katapesh by the promise of good wages and the best retirement pay in all of the Inner Sea region.

Not just any soldier or warrior that can swing a blade can get into the Zephyr Guard. Commander Osafa Al’Kez demands the utmost discipline and physical perfection from his troops. Candidates are put through a grueling series of physical tests and conditioning exercises. Those that make it beyond this initial phase of testing must then pass a second series of tests to measure their mental acuity. The tests serve to cull those found lacking from the rest of the candidates. The few that make it beyond the testing period are brought into the fold of the Zephyr Guard. Even the lowest-ranking member makes nearly 10 times what other soldiers do. After serving 15 years’ honorable service, members qualify for retirement. They continue to draw pay from the Zephyr Guard for the rest of their lives on the condition that they continue to reside in Katapesh and perform occasional service when they are needed.



Zephyr Guard

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