Female Human Bard/Oracle


Of average height and slight of build, her pale complexion seems at odds with her Keleshite name. Quiet and unobtrusive, she tends to avoid notice until her obsessively inquisitive side opens up with an unending stream of questions. Although she tries to stay in the background, her fiery temper can shatter her passive image in a flash.


Her birth parents unknown, Shurooq was raised on the plains around Katapesh among a wandering tribe. When her adopted father was no longer able to support the family with his pitiful hunting skills, Shurooq ran away to the city, becoming a street rat in order to survive. Times were tough until the fateful day she attempted to rob the house of Haleen. Although she was caught, instead of calling the watch Haleen took the girl under her wing, providing her a home and an education with the Church of Saranrae.

Shurooq finds history and puzzles fascinating, and has decided that she must chronicle great deeds. She has joined the caravan for two reasons. First, to find the missing Haleen, and second, to attempt to discover the fate of the House of Sarenrae, and it’s pastor, in the lost town of Kelmarane.


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