Sahlira Roveshki

Younger sibling to Almah and Duran. Her hot and quick temper is only matched by her knives.


Gestalt Classes: Barbarian Rogue
Physical Features: 20yrs, 5’3", 120lb. Black hair, brown eyes, typical Keleshite features.
Primary Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Diplomacy, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Slight of Hand, Stealth
Fighting Style: Tag-team tactics with brother, Duran, to open up opportunities for sneak attacks. Channeling fiery temper (RAAAAAAGE) during combat allows more accurate strikes.


As native to Katapesh with Keleshite heritage, and a slight build at only 5’3", Sahlira easily disappears in crowds. If she keeps her mouth shut, anyway. With a larger-than-life personality, her fiery temper can dominate a situation and easily get out of hand. When you’re the youngest in a very prominent merchant family, and inherited neither the skill nor will to carry on the family business, you have to get attention somehow. Her ambidexterity and seemingly inherent skill with knives and daggers, on the other hand (but not the offhand), gets your attention long before her mouth opens and you see from where the assault was made.

She is joining the mercenary crew at the insistence of her father, and to the chagrin of her sister (though she doesn’t know yet…). Daddio thinks her personality would be best put… away from dealmakers.

Sahlira Roveshki

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