Duran Roveshki


A handsome Kelishite man of average height (5’8") his clothing is simple but the jewelry he wears marks him as a man of means, and the chain shirt he wears under his robe and the short sword strapped to his back mark him as man who can keep it.


Duran is the second child and only son of the Roveshki merchant family. To most he’s a rich play boy with a sliver tongue, which is true, but to the fools who have challenged him to a duel he’s a tricky devil that few can stand against. He’s very close to his younger sister Sahlira and is always ready to help her both into (not that she needs it) and out of trouble (which she needs frequently). He works in the family business but the day to day activities hold little interest to him as they are not what are going to break the family out of the rut they’ve been in.

He joined the mercenary band to make sure that the opportunity wasn’t squandered or co-opted by others.

Duran Roveshki

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