This giant man-like creature is made of metal and stone. Its crystalline eyes glow with blue eldritch light. Rune-covered bracers encircle its forearms and a long tabard bearing the coat of arms of Katapesh cover the rest of its spindly frame.


An aluum is a magical construct created from metal and stone native to Katapesh. They are the fighting juggernauts that maintain order within the city of Katapesh when the city’s normal means of doing so fails. Unlike other golems, aluum are powered by the souls of Katapeshi slaves and prisoners bound into glowing gems in their chests. The larger, more powerful aluum require more slave souls. Aluum are unique to Katapesh. The secret to their creation and control is closely guarded by the Pactmasters, who do not teach it to others. An aluum stands approximately 14 feet tall and weighs over 2 tons. It resembles a thin man of giant proportions made of stone and metal. It wears a tabard bearing the coat of arms of Katapesh; this symbolizes its servitude. Aluum are controlled by magical pendants called charms of aluum control. High-ranking officers within the Zephyr Guard and the Pactmasters of Katapesh are the only ones who carry these pendants. The charms are magically attuned to their owners as safeguards against unauthorized persons obtaining them and using the aluum in ways they were not intended.



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